Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Update Open World Entertainment

Having changed the original link the story may be a bit different but what it comes down to is still present.
In August he was sentenced to 6 years although they were trying to get him 9 years honestly I still think it's too little I say it should be 5 years per victim at least. It was also said he was calling the only victim out of 4 that was still testifying against him threatening her.

He is currently trying to have his sentence lessened by admitting his guilt instead of denying it like he had done previously hoping that in admitting to his guilt and trying to suck up his sentence will be less long. This man makes me sick. I have read the new link I posted up above and in that link it says what the results of his plea , he still got 6 years , 5 years with a public record and has to do some  kind of therapy. I do not understand how things work in Korea  I do know however that here in Canada if you commit such an act and were found guilty it ALWAYS STAYS on your personal record. Whenever you commit a felony it will be there as a prior conviction not just after 5 years or so that kind of thing does not disappear! that kind of behavior with as many victims as he's already had  it's likely to reoccur and that is why it's important to be in the file because it shows a prior disposition to such acts.

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